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Isobel EdwardsIsobel Edwards -   Community Engagement Office with Gloucester City Council: Since 2015, part of Isobel's role has been facilitating the Volunteer Gloucestershire service in the city.

Sarah GrundySarah Grundy - Volunteer Advert Writer: Sarah has been volunteering with the service since 2017. She takes the "job descriptions" from the charities and turns them into attractive adverts.
Sarah comes from a marketing background and has volunteered with the National Childbirth Trust.

We get lot of help from people in our parent charity, CCP  - in particular:
Debbie EvansCordell Ray - CCP CEO: Cordell is the CEO of CCP. Taking a keen interest in all things volunteering, he recognised the vital work we do and  brought us into CCP in 2014.

Debbie EvansDaniel Chun - Support Services Manager: Daniel runs Involve Gloucestershire linking charities with businesses. He has many years experience as a manager and recruiter of volunteers and has volunteered with the Princes Trust
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