Volunteer Dog Fosterer  with Forever Hounds Trust (Ref: 1110)
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Like many rescue charities, Forever Hounds Trust relies on foster families to help care for some of their greyhounds and lurchers awaiting adoption into loving permanent homes.

Fostering for Forever Hounds Trust is immensely rewarding. Although it can be very difficult to let your foster dog move onto their forever home it is also very satisfying knowing that you have helped in the process. Forever Hounds Trust need foster families who are happy to re-home their foster dog in readiness for the next one.
What are they looking for?

Volunteers to care for greyhounds and lurchers who need to be in a home environment while they await adoption into permanent, loving homes

Ideally, they need families who are at home most of the day and are prepared to give the time and effort required by each individual dog. Fosterers can be single, married or retired people, ideally with a garden. Foster families can also have children and other types of pets.

Each foster dog is different; some may need house/toilet training, others how to walk on the lead, ride in a car, how to get along with other pets and children, some how to deal with being left on their own. Often these dogs have come from difficult backgrounds and will need time and patience.

Ideally, fosterers will have some experience with sight hounds (e.g. greyhounds, lurchers, whippets, salukis) but information and support will be given.


Forever Hounds Trust will cover any veterinary and medical costs, but the foster home is asked to provide food and bedding.

Foster families are home checked, in the same way that prospective adopters are, to enable Forever Hounds Trust to answer any questions and offer advice in the fostering process.

When: Variable times
Age requirements: Over 18


- No fixed location
About Forever Hounds Trust
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Forever Hounds Trust, which currently operates across eight regions in England, provides facilities to rescue and care for unwanted, abused or abandoned greyhounds and lurchers.

The regional teams work together to provide an on-going professional and caring service for all dogs taken into care, and also to raise funds and awareness of the charity.

Forever Hounds Trust supports the promotion of improved greyhound and lurcher welfare through their membership of the Greyhound Forum, the Association of Dogs & Cats Homes and other appropriate bodies.

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