Cheltenham Magistrates & Gloucester Crown Court Outreach Volunteers  with Citizens Advice Witness Service (Ref: 1250)
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Would you like to make a real difference to the witness experience, by providing tailored support to witnesses based on their needs?

In this role, you meet Vulnerable and Intimidated witnesses (VIW) away from the court environment, either at their home or other agreed safe place, to assess their needs and provide support. Together with the VIW, and where appropriate their carer/ support worker/ parent/ guardian, develop a tailored plan of preparation and support.

Using this plan, offer sensitive and supportive preparation to VIWs prior to them giving evidence as witnesses in criminal trials. The purpose of this preparation and support is to help reduce their anxiety and trauma and enable them to give their best evidence.

As part of this, you’ll explain to them what to expect from the court processes, who’s who in the court and what might happen. You’ll help the VIW manage their expectation about the process of the trial, the verdict and the sentence.

On day of trial, you will provide support together with Witness Service volunteer colleagues

Afterwards you arrange for the Witness Service to contact them in one/two weeks to see how they are.
What are they looking for?

You need to be able to have an empathetic and confident approach to supporting vulnerable people,
be flexible, have approachability and interpersonal skills, the ability to communicate well, which includes with parents, guardians and other supporters

Desirable skills and qualities: Have experience of at least one of the following:

working with/supporting children and young people
working with/supporting people with learning disabilities
working with/supporting people with mental health issues


Training, accreditation and continuing development and support in the role.
Payment of agreed expenses Daytime and evening availability.

When: Any day/time
Age requirements: Over 18


About Citizens Advice Witness Service
The Citizens Advice Witness Service provides practical help, emotional support and information to witnesses so that they feel valued, respected and informed and able to give their best evidence in court.

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