Office Volunteer  with The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association (Ref: 1317)
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Do you feel passionate about the environment ?

Would you like to assist the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association's small office team with promoting the work of the PFLA ?

Volunteers at the PFLA will have the opportunity to:
- develop new and existing skills and gain experience volunteering for a non-profit organisation that is supporting farmers to work more closely with nature.
- contribute to the development of a new, exciting and important organisation.

Tasks are likely to be varied and can be adjusted to suit your skills.
Examples might include:
- updating their records systems
- helping with general office administration
- helping with the organisation of member and public-facing events
- assisting with social media (if you wish)
What are they looking for?

They are looking for a volunteer who:
- is computer-literate
- is friendly and enthusiastic
- is well-organised and shows attention to detail

Farming knowledge would be a bonus but is not essential.

If you wish, there might later be an opportunity to extend the role to include more 'people-facing' tasks, such as communicating with farmers and approaching potential new members.


They offer:

- an introduction to the organisation
- full training on tasks to be undertaken
- support and guidance from the Membership Officer
- volunteer role descriptions
- wheelchair access
- disabled toilet
- insurance cover

They aren't in the office full-time and they may require the volunteer to have his/her own laptop.

The office is situated on Stroud Road, just down from the Royal Agricultural University towards Cirencester. The entrance is between 2 stone pillars with the 'Trent Lodge' sign on, opposite Cirencester College.

When: Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning, Friday morning, Friday afternoon
Age requirements: All ages

Trent Lodge, Stroud Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 6JN

About The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association
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The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association advocates and certifies the production of ruminant livestock solely from pasture to produce high quality, healthy beef and lamb that benefits the consumer, the livestock and the environment. Food produced this way is more sustainable and is much healthier for humans to eat than meat from animals fed grain.

This way of farming is environmentally friendly – flower-rich meadows are filled with insects, birds and mammals, soils are rejuvenated and it has a low carbon footprint. Evidence shows it is kinder on the animals as they are less stressed, live longer and are more fertile. In most cases it generates fairer financial returns for farmers that produce high quality, certified 100% grass-fed meat.

Certified meat is also fully traceable – shoppers can find out which farm, and even which particular animal it has come from, simply by scanning a QR code on the pack with their smart phone.

Two thirds of UK farmland is covered in grass. In many places it grows where other crops for human consumption would not survive. Cattle and sheep have complex stomachs that have the unique ability to turn the fibre inside grass and other plants, into products that are useful such as meat, milk and wool. Through their grazing, animals also manage the countryside in a more natural way than men and machines.

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