Community Campaigns Volunteer  with CLIC Sargent Gloucestershire (Ref: 1335)
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CLIC Sargent needs volunteers to help raise awareness and funding for its operations. As a volunteer, you will visit local businesses in your area, and through the medium of flyers and leaflets, ensure that these local businesses know about CLIC Sargent. This opportunity will take place at your discretion across the year, devoting a number of hours on a regular basis to this opportunity.
What are they looking for?

CLIC Sargent is seeking individuals passionate about CLIC Sargent with strong communicative and interpersonal skills to represent them in a professional manner. Volunteers must be confident and comfortable with meeting new people and spreading news about the existence and work of CLIC Sargent.


Volunteers should be comfortable with receiving training and guidance, and working independently with infrequent oversight/contact.

Volunteers must be at least 18 or over, however there is no upper limit.

When: Any day/time
Age requirements: Over 18


About CLIC Sargent Gloucestershire
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CLIC Sargent offers opportunities to support young people, especially children, with cancer, and help struggling families with coping during this difficult time so that they may focus on the more important issues, such as getting well.

CLIC Sargent operates through specialist care teams that support, aid and guides families through tailored packages, operating on individual, local and national levels to reach as many different sufferers as possible. In the event of the worst happening, CLIC Sargent also helps suffering families deal with their emotional pain.

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