Bereavement Support & Gardening Volunteer  with Ronan's Trust (Ref: 1351)
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Keen on Gardening? Want to support the Bereaved? Ronan's Trust is recruiting a volunteer with an interest in gardening to assist in their weekly gardening sessions at Lewis Lane Allotments. You will meet vulnerable bereaved people and assist them in gardening at 1-2 hour weekly sessions.
What are they looking for?

This opportunity would suit a volunteer with a knowledge and interest in gardening, keen to meet new people and support them in their grief as they attend their weekly sessions.


Volunteer will be subject to a trial period

Insurance cover in place

Volunteer expenses covered.

When: Variable times
Age requirements: Over 18

Lewis Avenue, Longford, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL2 9BQ

About Ronan's Trust
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Ronan’s Trust is a Charitable Incorporated organisation. It is governed by its board of five trustees. Our staffing model is primarily volunteer based, and predicated on support from local communities, to offer in kind, donations of free allotment space and use of buildings.

Ronan’s Trust is there to connect those who have experienced the loss of a family member, to offer mutual support and enable people to engage in healing activities together. By offering people the opportunity to participate in gardening and craft activities they are able to “be busy together” to have an external focus through practical activities and form relationships of mutual support with others who have similar experiences. The Trust also offers practical help with gardening to the recently bereaved through connecting volunteers to those needing some practical help.

Bereavement is something that most of us will experience at some point in our lives. Yet it can be an incredibly lonely and isolating experience. A combination of the practical impacts of losing a family member and the emotional devastation that the death of a family member causes can be overwhelming.

Our vision is that in the future communities are better networked and people better able to connect to provide mutual practical support to each other, so that the isolation of bereavement can be mitigated through better social networks.

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