Volunteer Walk Leader  with The Cheltenham Trust (VG) (Ref: 1481)
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The Cheltenham Trust needs volunteers for 1-2 hours per week to, depending on the event and type of activities available, be responsible for be responsible for:

* Welcoming new walkers and introducing the walk and Health Walks scheme
* Handing out walker registration forms to new walkers and making a register of all those attending
* Addressing and dealing with any individual needs
* Checking walkers are fit and suitably dressed
* Introducing leaders and explaining the role of leader to the group
* Introducing the route and other need-to-know info (e.g. taking breaks)
* Highlighting hazards before and during walks
* Providing up-to-date risk assessments for routes
What are they looking for?

Volunteer Walk Leaders will:

* Be friendly, welcoming, sociable and enthusiastic
* Be reliable and punctual
* Empower participating walkers
* Be able to manage accompanying paperwork
* Be knowledgeable and properly equipped for each walk
* Be observant and aware of people and the environment


Volunteers will receive any relevant training they may require.

When: Variable times
Age requirements: All ages


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