Branch Committee Members  with Butterfly Conservation Gloucestershire Branch (Ref: 186)
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A Branch Committee member shares responsibilities with the other members of the committee for all aspects of the Branch activities. In particular they should ensure that decisions taken by the Branch Committee:

?reflect the values, purposes and policies of Butterfly Conservation;

?respect the undertakings that may have been given to members and/or funders and sponsors;

?are consistent with prudent management of the Branch’s income and assets; and

?are in line with the organisation’s commitment to, and policies for, health and safety and equal opportunities.
What are they looking for?

Someone with IT and organisational skills who is committed to the principles of BC and share BC’s aims of conserving wild species and their habitats.

Experience of another voluntary organisation or of other conservation projects would be useful.

Likewise, experience of conservation, fundraising, administration, or marketing would be helpful.



When: Variable times
Age requirements: All ages


About Butterfly Conservation Gloucestershire Branch
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The Gloucestershire Branch of Butterfly Conservation looks after three butterfly reserves in the county – The Bill Smyllie Reserve, The Masts Reserve and Rough Bank Reserve. The first two adjoin Cleeve Common near Cheltenham and the last is near The Camp, Stroud. It is important that they look after these reserves in a way to maintain and enhance the populations of insects on the sites, as well the local flora, which is so important in the life cycles of these creatures. Their main activities on these reserves involve work parties during the winter months and we are always grateful for help during this time.

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