Carer Support Group Facilitator  with Carers Gloucestershire (Ref: 210)
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If you get satisfaction from making things 'happen' for others then this could be the role for you.

1-in-10 of the adult population in the County look after a loved-one, other family member, neighbour or friend who cannot manage without help. Many such Carers find a lot of emotional and practical support by meeting together in 'Carers Support Groups' to share their stories, receive helpful information and have a regular monthly break from caring.

The need is such that most neighbourhoods in the County probably require a Group. However Carers themselves are often too physically and/or emotionally taken-up with their caring to plan and host such a Group.

We're looking for volunteers in every part of the County who'd be interested in helping Carers meet together. The role wouldn't involve having to be a Carer, knowing anything about Carer 'issues' or 'driving' the Group, but is about keeping the Group on-track. It could involve some or all of the following;

* help the Group find a place to meet
* making sure the venue is ready on the day of the meeting
* 'facilitating' discussion-times
* encourage Group members to take responsibilities in running the Group
* gathering comments from the Group about information needs, speaker requests or activity ideas; following these up relevantly.
* at least initially, being the 'contact person' for enquiries about the Group
* arranging for any refreshments
* ensuring any new members are made welcome

This could be done by volunteers on their own, in pairs, in larger 'leadership teams' and even be shared around the Group once it is established.

Initial training and support will be provided and there'll be on-going resourcing and encouragement as well as the offer of participation in local and County-wide networks of other Group Facilitators.

For those volunteers wanting to do so there will be plenty of opportunity to develop their involvement.
What are they looking for?

Good listener
Engages people
Encourages and supports
Aware of different personalities
Encourages communication
Not overbearing or judgemental
Sensitive to people's needs
Understands the need for confidentiality
Comfortable in a Group

These indicate the kinds of attitude that would be helpful the initial training and continuing support will cover learning/development in all these areas.



When: Any day/time
Age requirements: Over 18


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Carers Gloucestershire is an independent charity helping unpaid carers in Gloucestershire. They offer both physical and emotional support for carers, aiming to enhance their lives and empower them to make informed choices that have positive influences on their lives.

They give Carers a ‘collective voice’ to influence policy making and service planning.

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