Befriend a child in Care (Independent Visitor)  with CCP (Ref: 480)
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CCP is looking for volunteers to act as Independent Visitors to support children and young people being looked after by the local authority.

Independent Visitors will visit a child in care once a month to build a trusting relationship in order to promote their developmental, social, emotional, educational, religious or cultural needs. This is a primarily a befriending role, aimed at rebuilding trust between children in care and adults, particularly where the child’s earlier relationships with adults has ended in disillusionment and disappointment.

Where necessary, Independent Visitors will liaise with other professionals to ensure the child’s needs are being met and that their voice is being heard.

This role is particularly suited to volunteers who are passionate about supporting children and young people and promoting their rights. You may be interested in acquiring new skills to gain employment in this area, or just feel motivated to share your experience and compassion to benefit a child who has endured a challenging start to life.
What are they looking for?

We provide accredited, intensive training to all Independent Visitors and will support you along the journey through a team of specialist staff and volunteers. We are looking for people to join us who have the following skills:

• Good interpersonal, verbal and communication skills.

• Patience.

• The ability to be non-judgemental.

• The ability to form good working relationships with a variety of people, especially young people and their parents/guardians if required and representatives of other agencies both statutory and voluntary.

• Ability to be assertive and to advocate.

• Ability to recognise factors which cause stress both in oneself and others, and to identify appropriate coping mechanisms.

• Commitment to attend training courses and supervision and de-briefing meetings.

• Able to commit to a long-term investment as a volunteer with a minimum of monthly visits of a minimum of 3 hours

• Previous experience of advocacy, appropriate adult role or working with children and young people is desirable


Expenses paid

When: Any day/time
Age requirements: Over 18


About CCP
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CCP (County Community Projects) exists to improve the lives of children, young people, families and vulnerable adults who have multiple and complex needs. Their priority is to those who have been excluded or have excluded themselves from mainstream services.

CCP work in partnership with the person and other agencies to create a sustainable and portable package of care and support networks, which enable them to realise their aspirations and reach their full potential in life.

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