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Mindsong is a Gloucestershire based charity providing a range of musical opportunities for people with dementia – living in care homes. It is well known that music continues to reach people who have dementia and volunteering with this project is hugely rewarding – really making a difference to the quality of life of people with dementia.

They are currently recruiting and training volunteers to take singing into care homes- They sing WITH people not for them –
Residents in care homes very often feel forgotten by the wider community and taking song into homes is a brilliant way of continuing to include them.

They have vacancies in their Gloucester, Cheltenham and Forest of Dean Groups and are looking to start groups in the Stroud District as soon as they find the volunteers!

Initially volunteers would have the chance to observe a singing session at an existing group and then , with support and training they would work in groups of 3 or 4 and gradually become attached to a home in their community. At a time that suits you. Induction training teaches volunteers techniques which help them to engage with people with dementia.

The time commitment is about 1.5 hours a fortnight, and, because you would be part of a team, if you can’t go for a session – the rest of the team will provide cover so the whole process is very flexible .

Volunteers usually meet a little before the group time – to plan the sessions, then sing for about 40 mins and then have a cuppa and chat with the residents.

Mindsong provides volunteers with a song book and on-going training and support.
You need to enjoy singing - but you certainly don't need to be a brilliant singer.
Volunteers from all age groups are welcomed.
Wheelchair access will vary from home to home.
What are they looking for?


Interested in or have experience of working with people, with dementia

Good communication skills



Good sense of humour

Musical skills



When: Mornings/Afternoons, Mon-Fri
Age requirements: Over 18


About Mindsong
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Mindsong is a Gloucestershire based charity taking music into care homes, We are looking for volunteers who like singing who might be able to help bring our project into the Forest. We would need volunteers to offer about an hour a fortnight to sing with people with Dementia.
We hope to take singers to other areas of the Forest as the project develops.

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