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It is a sad fact that with an ageing population, a lot of older people in the community do not receive regular companionship. The 'Friends for You' programme offers regular social contact at a time when a person might be feeling cut off from their community – through ill health, bereavement or because family and friends are scattered. Research suggests that being isolated can be as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

They are looking for people who have the empathy and commitment to regularly visit someone in their own homes who would otherwise not get a regular visitor. If you have an hour a week to spare, why not volunteer for them and spend it in the company of someone who will really appreciate your time?

Full training and support is provided together with an opportunity to meet fellow volunteers and forge new friendships.
What are they looking for?

The only necessary skills are empathy and being able to be committed. Full training and on-going support is provided.


Working hours are flexible and can be arranged. Volunteer expenses will be reimbursed.

When: Variable times
Age requirements: All ages


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