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How Volunteers Search for Opportunities

Since we published Searching For Volunteering in May 2016, we've added several different search mechanisms to our site. The current list is:
  1. By causes, interests, activities
  2. By organisation/charity
  3. By location
  4. By skills
  5. By keyword or "Google Style"
  6. For particular circumstances.(EG: Younger volunteers, visually impaired, etc)
  7. For One-off events
To give a very rough indication of the route people prefer to take, we looked at the page visit statistics from 19 July to 18 August 2017. We say "very rough" because this data doesn't distinguish between real people visiting pages and the many web robots out there. It also doesn't distinguish the people serious enough to put in an application or those who actually started volunteering. We haven't got enough data for that yet, Here are the results:
The most popular page was causes, interests, activities followed by organisation/charity together with location. Searching by particular circumstances was less popular as was One-off events The idea of searching according to their skills didn't attract many people nor did keyword or "Google Style". We also logged a small number of people interested in meeting us.
Page: http://volunteerglos.org.uk…. Pageviews % Order on home page
/causes-interests-activities.php 689 38.2% 2
/orglisting.php 350 19.4% 4
/search/location.php 335 18.6% 5
/particular-circumstances.php 126 7.0% 6
/oneoff.php 114 6.3% 7
/search/skills.php 82 4.5%  
/google-style.php 60 3.3% 3
/meet-us.php 47 2.6% 1
TOTAL 1803 100.0%  

What we really want to know is what routes attract "serious" volunteers - the much smaller number who apply for roles and end up doing them. This may guide our development efforts and might even make us drop some ineffective tools altogether. To that end, we are logging search/referral paths against outcomes and hope to have some interesting results soon. 
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