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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you send some volunteers to help clear a house/garden?
Unfortunately not. We only recruit volunteers on behalf of organisations.
I think my child/patient/client would benefit from volunteering – can I book an appointment for them to come and see you?
The volunteering opportunities we offer involve volunteers making and keeping appointments for meetings, volunteering sessions, etc. They need to be willing and able to engage in these processes. After many disappointments for charities, volunteers and ourselves, we have adopted a “no referrals policy”. Volunteers must contact us direct. A volunteer who is unable/unwilling to do this is most unlikely to succeed in a volunteer role. A "supported volunteering" service would only be feasible if we were funded to deliver it and able to partner with charities who could work with this volunteer group.

It's fine to suggest contact with us (signposting).
I signposted my client to you, did they make contact? What happened?
We suggest you ask your client. We do understand that you are trying to help but volunteering must be entirely voluntary. There have been cases where welfare claimants have suffered disadvantage because they didn't "volunteer". For this and other reasons as we don't provide such information to third parties.
Why doesn’t your site show closing dates for opportunities? Or when they were updated?
The “market” for volunteers is not like the paid jobs market in many ways:
  • Some roles are advertised for years – Larger charities needing a large number of volunteers are continually recruiting. Smaller charities sometimes have to wait months for that elusive volunteer treasurer to come forward.
  • For similar reasons, a “closing date” is unusual.
  • We keep in contact with recruiters and remove adverts for roles that are no longer recruiting.
  • When we used to include dates such as “Updated 4th January 2016” potential volunteers were put off and assumed the role must be “gone” when in fact it wasn’t.
I'm on Benefits (JSA/ESA/PIP/etc.) Can I still volunteer?
Yes! There is NO "16 hour rule". There are very few restrictions and even some relaxation of the rules for some claimants who volunteer. Some tips:
My workmates and I want to get out of the office and help a charity for a day?
Please consider the opportunities available through the Do-It search facility or contact charities directly. We are unfortunately unable to help further at this time. 
I know of a an isolated person who needs a befriender - can you help?
We don't offer this but there is a service here

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