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Is it time for doctors to prescribe volunteering?

Wed 19th Apr, 2017

An interesting article in the Guardian

One-Off Volunteers with Volunteering Gloucestershire

Wed 19th Apr, 2017

Location: Gloucestershire

Want to help out but don't want to commit long term? We have many ''one-off'' volunteering projects typically lasting for a few hours or days. We send you the details by email and you get involved with as many or as few as you want. No pressure or... -more-

Fundraising and Bid Writing Volunteer with Gloucestershire Chinese Resource Centre (GCRC)

Wed 19th Apr, 2017

Location: 1 - 3 St. Oswalds Village, Gavel Way, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 2UF

Gloucestershire Chinese Resource Centre (GCRC) needs volunteers to help with writing funding bids and organising fundraising events for the benefit of the wider Chinese community in Gloucestershire. Volunteers will assist in the provision of... -more-

Opinion: Words to Recruit Volunteers

Tue 18th Apr, 2017

About a year ago, one of our in-house volunteers looked at why some roles got a lot of attention while others didn’t. We wanted to “do something” about the poor performers.

She came back and told us that some of them had natural difficulties, they were simply in areas of low population. However, quite a lot were badly worded. The worst ones were essentially formal “job descriptions” full of responsibilities to comply with policies, etc. That's sometimes appropriate in the paid job market but rarely right for volunteers.

So we started a programme of re-writing the descriptions as adverts designed to attract people. An early success for one of our interviewers was when an advert she’d re-written was picked up by a visiting volunteer who subsequently took the role.

Although most of our work is on-line, the people who come to see us help us get the “writing” job done better. E.G. we used to have a box we ticked indicating that a role was suitable for 18-25s but one day I had a 27 year old in who was really interested in one of these roles – until she discovered she was “too old”. On-line, she’d have simply moved on but face to face I was able to reassure her.

Nowadays, we only use the “18-25s” or “University Students” boxes for the very rare cases where there’s an actual requirement. We sometimes look at volunteer adverts on the various on-line systems and am dismayed by how many counter-productive boxes get ticked. Saying that an opportunity is "suitable for families" or Employee Volunteers might just get you an extra volunteer but is more likely to lose you people who can’t tick the box.
We’d rather use words than tick boxes. So should you – or get your local Volunteer Centre to help.

Activities Assistant with Guideposts Trust

Thu 13th Apr, 2017

Location: St. Paul's Social Club, Black Dog Way, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 3AF

The Guideposts Trust is seeking Activities Assistant for the Black Dog Way St. Paul's Social Club. In this role, volunteers will assist with hosting various activities for clients, including Arts and Crafts sessions; Painting; Drawing; Colouring;... -more-

Charity Liaison Volunteer with Volunteering Gloucestershire

Thu 13th Apr, 2017

Location: 340 High St, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 3JF

Got a good idea of what volunteering is all about? What to make it work for volunteers and charities? Like meeting people? You might be the ideal person to help us deliver a better service! We need someone to talk to charities about their... -more-

Activities Assistant with Guideposts Trust

Thu 13th Apr, 2017

Location: St. Catherine's Day Centre, 2 Wheatstone Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 4PX

The Guideposts Trust is seeking volunteers to act as Activities Assistants at the Wheatstone Road St. Catherine's Day Centre. In this role, volunteers will assist with hosting various activities for clients, including Arts and Crafts sessions;... -more-

Volunteer Family Advocate – Supporting Child Protection cases with CCP

Wed 12th Apr, 2017

Location: 340 High St, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 3JF

Would you like to help vulnerable adults when important decisions are being taken about their children? Family Advocates support vulnerable adults through Child Protection proceedings to help them to understand the decisions, and the importance... -more-

Volunteers in Stroud helping the homeless

Wed 12th Apr, 2017

This free drop-in service is run three times a week by Stroud-based Christian charitable organisation the Marah Trust, whose volunteers offer a free hot meal with no questions asked and give rough sleepers a welcoming place to meet and socialise. Full story here

Volunteering Gloucestershire recruits for a number of roles helping the homeless, see here

Faster Volunteer Recruitment

Mon 10th Apr, 2017

We've speeded up some of the processing that happens when people apply for roles via so that recruiters are notified automatically without the need for manual processing.

Where a recruiter has opted to have us send an application form to the volunteer, this will arrive immediately so that the volunteer can get straight on with the next stage of the process.

Applications via other websites are usually processed the next business day as before.

Driver with Guideposts Trust

Fri 7th Apr, 2017

Location: Gloucester

Guideposts Trust is seeking a driver to assist with transporting clients living with Dementia to and from their St Catherine's Day Centre. As a driver, you will pick up clients from their homes in Brockworth and Churchdown at 10:30am, and chauffeur... -more-

Opinion: Recruiting volunteers - not as hard as you might think

Fri 7th Apr, 2017

Volunteering Gloucestershire expects to find around twice as many volunteers for local charities in 2017 as we did in 2015. This increase comes from several changes we’ve made and we’ve done enough monitoring to be fairly confident about what works now – and what’s likely to work in years to come.

It’s amazing the numerous creative strategies used to entice volunteers to come forward. One example is “microvolunteering” – we once helped the Red Cross get people in a shopping arcade to “volunteer” for just 5 minutes to learn resuscitation techniques. The idea was to convince people that volunteering need not be huge commitment.

We might return to “persuasion” projects like that but for the moment we’ve found a lot of “low hanging fruit” – people who actively want to volunteer but struggle find anything suitable.

We found out about these people through our dissatisfaction with a national website that used to be our main source of on-line applications. We built a partial replacement that focussed on people’s passions and interests and was much easier to use. The application rate shot up to 70% above our long term average of about 1400 applications/year and recently a few other technical changes have raised this to over 3000/year.

We think all those extra people were always there. We put up a better website and now we’re “catching” them. We haven’t persuaded anybody. We have some more technical tricks up our sleeve but we know that one day the numbers will plateau out.. That will tell us that we’re getting all the willing and it’ll be time to go back out and do more persuading.

Your recruitment problem may be different. Perhaps your website is already as good as it can be. Talk to your local Volunteer Centre to help find a solution that works for you.

Festival Stewards with Carducci Festival at Highnam

Thu 6th Apr, 2017

Location: Highnam Church, Highnam, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL2 8DG

The Highnam Carducci Festival needs Festival Stewards to help with the organization of events at the Carducci Festival at Highnam. As a volunteer, your tasks include checking tickets, selling programmes, directing cars, serving drinks and selling... -more-

Retail Volunteer with Acorns Children's Hospice (VG)

Wed 5th Apr, 2017

Location: 20 High Street, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, GL56 0AF

This opportunity offers applicants the chance to support the retail activities of Acorns Children's Hospice at their Moreton-in-Marsh store. Volunteer work will include: - Greeting customers - Investigating and resolving enquiries - Accepting... -more-

Museum Volunteer with John Moore Museum

Wed 5th Apr, 2017

Location: John Moore Museum, 41 – 42 Church Street, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 5SN

In this role, you will welcome visitors, take admissions money, answer questions and giving informal tours of the museums to small groups. There are also a number of small behind-the-scenes projects, though participation in these is at the... -more-

Team Manager with 7 Bamboos Rugby Ltd

Mon 3rd Apr, 2017

Location: Hartpury College, Hartpury, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL19 3BE

7 Bamboos RFC is facing a great new challenge of touring with two teams for the first time this year. Following four years of building and running a successful men’s squad, 7 Bamboos RFC has launched an additional women’s team this summer,... -more-

Shop Volunteer with Longfield (Hospice)

Mon 3rd Apr, 2017

Location: 21 Holmleigh Parade, Tuffley, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL4 0QU

Longfield Hospice needs volunteers to assist with the running of their Tuffley charity shop. Successful volunteers will assist with processing charitable donations, sorting clothes and assisting customers. Volunteers will also help with steaming... -more-

County Shows Event Assistant with Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Mon 3rd Apr, 2017

Location: Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust offers an excellent opportunity to attend some popular county shows for FREE as a volunteer. As a volunteer, you will help Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust staff before, during and after shows, contributing to... -more-

Marketing and Publicity Leader with Stroud Valleys Credit Union (VG)

Tue 28th Mar, 2017

Location: Stroud

Stroud Valleys Credit Union is an ethical save and borrow service seeking imaginative, constructive volunteers with skills and experience in Marketing and Publicity to generate new ideas for the business, and help make the most out of a limited... -more-

Support Group Assistant with Motor Neurone Disease Association (VG)

Tue 28th Mar, 2017

Location: St Andrews Hall,, Churchdown, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL3 2JT

The Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) are seeking volunteers to help support local branch support meetings (occurring on 1st Thursday of each Month between 2-4pm) for people living with and affected by MND. These meetings and informal and... -more-

Helpers needed at Children's Festival, Cheheltenham 27-28 May 2017

Fri 24th Mar, 2017

The Cheltenham Children’s festival showcases the commitment and innovative approach of Cheltenham’s organisations to families and childhood. There's loads of interactive activities for children, information about childhood and opportunities for children and families in Cheltenham to play together.

Your help is needed to make it happen!


Volunteer Art Education Assistant with Nature In Art

Wed 22nd Mar, 2017

Location: Nature in Art, Wallsworth Hall, Sandhurst, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL2 9PA

Nature in Art is seeking volunteers to assist with the delivery of arts and crafts sessions for school-children aged 5-11 years old and individuals. These classes are first and foremost about having fun, trying out new ideas and expressing... -more-

Volunteer Administrator with Brockworth House Care Centre

Wed 22nd Mar, 2017

Location: Brockworth House, Mill Lane, Brockworth, Gloucestershire, GL3 4QG

Brockworth House is looking for a self motivated and confident individual to provide administrative support to a warm and friendly care home. This is a varied role in which you will be involved in supporting the administrator with various tasks... -more-

Meet-and-Greeter (Cheltenham Animal Shelter) with Gloucestershire Animal Welfare Association and Cheltenham Animal Shelter

Thu 16th Mar, 2017

Location: Cheltenham Animal Shelter, Gardners Lane, Cheltenham, GL51 9JW

The role involves welcoming clients/visitors who come to view/meet and adopt the Shelter's animals, and helping them through the rehoming process. What you will be doing: - welcoming visitors coming into reception - helping register new... -more-

Fundraising Coordinator with Read Easy Cheltenham

Thu 16th Mar, 2017

Location: Gloucestershire

Can you imagine what it would be like to struggle with reading in today's society ? Would you like to play a vital role in bringing literacy to people whose lives are hampered in this way ? As Fundraising Coordinator, you'll be a key member of... -more-

Executive Team Trustee with 24th Cheltenham (Leckhampton) Scout Group

Thu 16th Mar, 2017

Location: The Scout Hut, 207 Leckhampton Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL53 0AL

The 24th Cheltenham Scout Group are seeking a volunteer with skills and experience in accountancy and organising to help with the day-to-day administration of their Scout Hut. Primary tasks include the handling of insurance-related issues and... -more-

Event Day Volunteer with Cancer Research UK - Race for Life (VG)

Thu 16th Mar, 2017

Location: Gloucester Park, Park Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 1LH

Cancer Research UK - Race for Life needs Event Day Volunteers to help ensure the smooth running of their various events, in your capacity as an Events Day volunteer, you will help out in numerous different ways, including handing out water and... -more-

Enquiries Volunteer with Cancer Research UK - Race for Life (VG)

Thu 16th Mar, 2017

Location: Gloucester Park, Park Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 1LH

Cancer Research UK - Race for Life needs volunteers to act as Enquiries Volunteers, in which capacity volunteers will be responsible for answering any queries the runners or spectators may have about the event. This is a fantastic opportunity to... -more-

DIY/Maintenance Volunteer with 24th Cheltenham (Leckhampton) Scout Group

Thu 16th Mar, 2017

Location: The Scout Hut, 207 Leckhampton Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL53 0AL

The 24th Cheltenham Scouts need an individual with skills in DIY to help support the day-to-day running of their Scout Hut in Leckhampton. As a DIY/Maintenance volunteer, you will assist in physical tasks supporting the running of the venue's... -more-

Course Marshal with Cancer Research UK - Race for Life (VG)

Thu 16th Mar, 2017

Location: Gloucester Park, Park Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 1LH

Cancer Research UK - Race for Life is looking for volunteers to act as Course Marshals for their many running events. As a Course Marshal, you will be responsible for ensuring the safety and good morale of the walkers, joggers and runners, cheering... -more-

Charity Shop Assistant with YMCA (VG)

Thu 16th Mar, 2017

Location: YMCA Charity Shop, 73-77 Northgate Street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 2AG

The YMCA is seeking volunteers to help with the running of their Gloucester charity shop, this is a great opportunity to get in at the ground in the retail industry and help a great cause at the same time. As an assistant, you will ensure the smooth... -more-

Scout Leader/Assistant with 24th Cheltenham (Leckhampton) Scout Group

Wed 15th Mar, 2017

Location: Scout Hut, Leckhampton Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL53 0BX

Perhaps you were part of the Scout movement when you were growing up, and would like to help give this great opportunity to young people today? Or, if you have no previous Scouting knowledge, you're a friendly person with 'get up and go' who... -more-

Gloucestershire Conservation Worker with The Conservation Volunteers (Glos)

Wed 15th Mar, 2017

Location: Gloucestershire

This is an opportunity for anyone serious about conservation. TCV is seeking volunteers to join their outdoor action team, where successful applicants will have the chance to see more of Gloucestershire, learn new skills, meet new and interesting... -more-

Advert Writer Volunteer

Tue 14th Mar, 2017

Are you a skilled writer?

Volunteering Gloucestershire, brings charities and volunteers together and in this role you'll be playing a vital part in making this happen. The need is to turn volunteer "job descriptions" into exciting online advertising copy that draws people in to help children, old people, animals, the environment, etc.


Volunteers needed - SkillZONE Asylum Seeker and Refugee Event

Fri 10th Mar, 2017

Do you have the skills to deliver key safety messages to Asylum Seekers and Refugees?

They are looking for confident communicators to be part of Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service’s Asylum Seeker and Refugee Event at the SkillZONE. You will be part of a large team who will be delivering a variety of messages to people throughout the day. There will be translators on site ....

Volunteer Street Outreach Worker with CCP

Thu 9th Mar, 2017

Location: Worcestershire

Want to help the Homeless? Street Outreach teams across Worcestershire work to help the homeless through verifying local homeless sleeping sites, building a relationship of trust with the homeless, helping them access any drug, alcohol or health... -more-

Support students in Financial Awareness Workshops - Cirencester - 13/14 March 2017

Thu 9th Mar, 2017

If you have experience of successfully managing your own personal finances, basic maths and good communication skills with young people between 16-21 years, you may be interested in helping out with Financial Awareness Workshops in Cirencester.


Social Media Administrator with The Family Haven

Mon 6th Mar, 2017

Location: The Family Haven, 31 Spa Road, Gloucester, Gloucester, GL1 1UY

Love writing and Social Media? The Family Haven needs what you have! The Family Haven needs a volunteer to oversee their social media presence to help promote our activities on Facebook and Twitter. This would involve a fairly regular commitment,... -more-

Kitchen Assistant with The Family Haven

Mon 6th Mar, 2017

Location: The Family Haven, 31 Spa Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 1UY

This opportunity offers the chance to get involved in a kitchen environment, assisting with food preparation and serving daily meals, ensuring enough food provided and is nutritious, safely stored and rotated.... -more-

Collection Tin Co-ordinator with The Family Haven

Mon 6th Mar, 2017

Location: Gloucestershire

The Family Haven is seeking friendly and reliable people to manage collection tins in their local community. Collection tins are a simple way to raise money and awareness for the Family Haven in your local area, enabling them to continue doing... -more-

Meet & Greet visitors to a historic house with Kelmscott Manor (Society of Antiquaries of London)

Tue 28th Feb, 2017

Location: Kelmscott Manor, Kelmscott, Lechlade, Gloucestershire, GL7 3HJ

The meeters & greeters are all-important in making visitors feel welcome to the site and well orientated by having its layout and facilities explained to them. There can be a lot of questions to deal with, and you will be supported by a member of... -more-

Free Video / Film Making for local charities

Tue 28th Feb, 2017

We’ve been approached by a team of second year Film Production students at the University of Gloucestershire. 

They need  complete some form of work experience, preferably in March or early April and are given complete freedom in what area they would like to focus on.  They’re really interested in producing a video that could be beneficial for an event or charity.

There’s have a strong team of like-minded people who would love to get involved filming and editing a video and they also have the equipment to do so fully available.

Please contact us via 

Driving people to Mental Health appointments with 2gether NHS Foundation Trust (VG)

Thu 23rd Feb, 2017

Location: Gloucestershire

If you like driving and care about Mental Health, this could be just the role for you! You'll be helping service users access 2gether Trust services and activities, at various locations in the County This role generally involves collecting... -more-

Treasurer for the Management Committee of a literacy charity with Read Easy Cheltenham

Wed 22nd Feb, 2017

Location: Cheltenham

You'll be a key member of the management committee that oversees the smooth running of this literacy project. As treasurer, you'll think strategically about group finances as well as keeping track of what money is coming in/going out and doing... -more-

Social Media Expert with Workers' Educational Association (WEA) Cheltenham

Tue 21st Feb, 2017

Location: Cheltenham

This adult education charity needs help on how to use social media to their advantage. First you'll spend some time understanding their needs and then you'll help implement suitable use of Social Media.... -more-

Photographer for marketing pictures with Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) Cheltenham

Thu 16th Feb, 2017

Location: Cheltenham

Can you take photographs to help them improve their publicity and website? They need a photographer - someone with with press type skills would be the absolute ideal. You'd be organising people into happy, uncluttered, eye-catching groups... -more-

International Baby & Toddler Group Volunteer with Global Footsteps

Wed 15th Feb, 2017

Location: Friends Meeting House, Warwick Place, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL52 2NP

Help at an international baby & toddler group for children up to 4 years old. The families are of different nationalities but the common language is English. They provide a friendly place for families to relax & make friends. Children enjoy a wide... -more-

Allotment Organiser with Inspiring Families

Tue 14th Feb, 2017

Location: Cheltenham

Do you want to work with families within the community, and help them to learn new skills and grow fruit and vegetables? You'll share your knowledge of allotments, growing fruit and veg and also maintain the allotment - so it is not overgrown... -more-

Stay and Play Volunteer with Family Space In Hesters Way

Mon 13th Feb, 2017

Location: Oasis Centre, Cassin Drive, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL51 7SY

Do you want to help facilitate Stay and Play sessions for children age 0-3 and their parents/carers? These session are a safe place for parents to come and enjoy learning time with their children. The groups are run to model parenting, allow... -more-

Wednesday 15th March 2017 - Cheltenham Races - National Star

Thu 9th Feb, 2017

This is an exciting and fun opportunity to help National Star bucket collect on Ladies Day of the Cheltenham Festival (Wednesday 15th March 2017).  They will provide t-shirts, sashes, buckets and everything you need ... -more-

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