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Building Circles in Gloucestershire We Know that people with learning difficulties can sometimes miss out on many of the things that make life worthwhile. Problems with health, mobility or difficulties in communication can lead to social isolation both for the person with learning difficulties and the people caring for them. Building Circles recruits, trains and supports volunteers who offer friendships to socially isolated people with learning disabilities, as well as their families and carers. With a circle of supportive people built around them, we can offer someone with learning difficulties the opportunity to experience a more fulfilling life.

Volunteers typically spend two to four hours a month building a freindship with a person and enjoying activities together. Going for a drink, enjoying a short walk or spending time on more adventurous activities for those who are keen to broaden their horizons. Building Circles also organises a variety of social events to appeal to different tastes. This includes quarterly events for everyone involved with the organisation. We invite all to come aand share lunch and join in with the activities and music if they wish.

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