Gloucestershire Counselling Service (VG)

About this volunteer-involving organisation
GCS is a Gloucestershire-based charity that provides professional counselling and training in counselling skills to the communities of Gloucestershire. Founded in 1980, we have built a strong reputation for delivering high quality clinical work that provides vital support to people through counselling, be they individual adults, couples, children and young people or in the work place, school or GP environment. We are also a training organisation and each year train over 200 candidates from introductory through to post graduate level counselling and listening skills qualifications. In addition to this, we also offer a varied programme of continuous professional development opportunities and workshops in counselling and mental health related issues.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to develop and deliver high quality counselling services to improve the quality of life and to secure the best possible outcomes for individuals and local communities within Gloucestershire and the surrounding area. We will achieve this whilst operating to the highest professional standards.

Core aims

The two principal aims of GCS are:

1. To provide high quality professional counselling at an affordable cost.
2. To provide professional training in counselling, in order to increase the overall capacity and availability of high quality counselling within the area.

Our Priority Outcomes for 2016

1. Our governance arrangements are fit for purpose
2. Robust leadership and management arrangements are in place to secure delivery of our priorities
3. Our counselling delivery model is offering the best possible outcomes for our clients
4. High-functioning information systems are supporting effective delivery
5. Our finance and resources are firmly secured and are generating reserves
6. Our quality assurance and performance outcomes are progressively improving
7. There is an increased positive local and national profile for GCS
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