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People who don't give their phone number - serious volunteers?

Our research shows the answer is a resounding YES!

When Do It relaunched in early 2015, volunteers were not obliged to provide a phone number when expressing interest in a volunteer role. This irritated quite a few recruiters because their first instinct was to pick up the phone and start a conversation. Others were frustrated when attempts at email contact failed and progressing things with a phone call wasn't an option.

We prefer to respect people's choice of communications medium where possible and when we built our own system,we decided not to insist on a phone number.although recently we made our form encourage them by asking "Phone (Recommended - eases contact)"

We wanted to know just how important phone numbers really are in volunteer recruitment so we looked at all online applications during January-April;2017, the placement outcomes and whether phone numbers were given
Online applications Jan-Apr 17 964        
Number with feedback at 28/9/17 575 59.65%      
Not placed 441 76.7% With phone number 256 58.05%
Placed 104 18.09% With phone number 62 59.62%
Unclear placement status 30 5.22%      

This shows that providing a phone number made very little difference to the placement rate. Both placed and unplaced volunteers gave their phone numbers in a shade under 60% of applications. We therefore think it would be unwise to insist on a phone number initially from the 40%+ who prefer not to give one.

Related to this, an article that suggests that "Millennials" are quite strongly phone-averse


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